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 Underwater Canyons

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PostSubject: Underwater Canyons    Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:47 am


Greetings and salutations. This is the working page of our album Cardinal Points..just blocking in a few things.
A color treatment will be given to the images represented to bring a uniformity to the overall design..We are working
on a studio transfer from one computer station to the next to prepare for the closing of this concept album..

We pause now for a moment to remember r2d2..

~enjoy your stay and be so kind to step over sleeping creatures if you happen upon one of them..



"You're a Machine" featuring Dimitri Spanoa
Cardinal Points album cover/Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo Diffusion_zpshdqtic8u.jpg

"Diffusion" Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios

      The Dark Rabbit says: "Do not attempt to adjust your tv.."

 photo does-compute2_zpsusy2ydqa.jpg

"Please Have A Seat We'll Be With You In A Moment" featuring The Dark Rabbit
Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo UC-static-tv4_zpsqbi3kte0.jpg

"The Triangle" T H E   D O M A I N   O F   T H E   D A R K   R A B B I T
Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo Ash-Ash-Wednesday2_zpsjmtkt0ce.jpg

"Ash" Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios
We occasionally share the song Ash on Ash Wednesday..

 photo The-Conversation_zps4dn4fsdt.jpg

"The Conversation" Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo UC-Blue-Rust_zpss8pgxycc.jpg

"Blue Rust" Cardinal Points album promo/Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo code-dark-glass-and-nik_zps5yucxfvb.jpg

"Code Dark" Code Dark Sessions glass and nik-Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo code-dark-please-stand-by2_zpsohutkgdf.jpg

"Please Stand By" Code Dark Sessions-Dark Rabbit Studios

 photo accolades_zpsqjobwbib.jpg

"The Ship Accolade" Cardinal Points album promo/Dark Rabbit Studios
The ship accolade comes to port before the storms arrive under the cover of nightfall.

 photo glass-2016-madeline-and-les_zps6ehxub9h.jpg

"The Vortex" Cardinal Points album promo/Dark Rabbit Studios


As a short introduction, here are a few songs for your enjoyment.
Underwater Canyons is the new project by Glass Lozano and Nik Heyl.
Follow the link below to the Underwater Canyons glitchy promotional
material video experience..

Find Glass and Nik on Facebook:


Management: Victor Torrijos
Design: Dark Rabbit Studios
Sound Design: Blue Eden Records, Liquid Sound

Guest vocals: W.T. Lummus

Additional mixes and remixes:Thomas Brigham, Andrew Manning, Cory Sprouse, Gary Slaughter, Christopher Short, Irron R. Collins IV, Kody Slusher

Tobi Love (Furr Elise):

Femme Fatales: Courtney Webb, Ivonna B. Luftalone

 photo In-Your-Wire-Black-Hurricane-800-by-600-myspace_zpsfqib0jdh.jpg


"New Crusades Sessions" Cardinal Points/Dark Rabbit Studios
In memory of Welden Roberts

 photo cp-four-moons2_zpsgugoxtxe.jpg

"The Bella Nocturna Sessions" Cardinal Points/Dark Rabbit Studios

Working album for Cardinal Points.

N E G L E C T/ D I R G E S/ L A M E N T/ W O E

album i                                N E G L E C T

1. Archane
2. Trip Inside My Head
3. Gehenna Revisit 114
4. You're A Machine
5. I Thought It Was Over
6. The Triangle
7. Blackbird
8. Siren
9. Ash
10. Neglect
11. Challengers

album ii                                D I R G E S

12. Kings and Queens (Ghost train mix)
13. Leaves
14. You Got Me
15. The Machines of War
16. Denali
17. E. Pluribus Unum
18. Subterfuge (The Envy of Cain)
19. Tipping The Balance
20. Saroline's Last Stand
21. Channel

album iii                               L A M E N T

22. She Calls In The Day (Ally)
23. Autumn Has Just Begun
24. Higher Ground
25. Tarragon
26. Detour
27. Fire That Lights Up The Sky
28. Is This a Responsible Thing To Do
29. I'm Afraid
30. Unrest
31. Mannequin
32. Vow Of Silence
33. In Your Wire

album iv                               W O E

Remixologists and featured artists

 photo UC-Rust5-blackbird2-eyes_zpsqokdvwi7.jpg

"Blackbird" the single coming soon..
Cardinal Points album art/Dark Rabbit Studios


In addition, Glass and the Moth have been writing since 2007.
In 2017 it will be 9 years to collect their thoughts. In 2017
Trinity Being Multimedia, our publishing entity, will be 26 years old.


Spanning multiple genres, scientific, spiritual and anthropological investigations..with multiple charts, diagrams, illuminations and illustrations.The collected works have been aptly named The Parchments or as some know them as The Whirlwind Prophecies -are 24 completed volumes written by the fingers of an insect. It has been purported that the volumes may be inscribed on vellum for future generations to enjoy..These volumes cannot be found anywhere on the net. They are handwritten with some printed materials. It reads like a detective is a detective story. The continuing adventures of The Dark Rabbit and his trusted Bunna Hoppa.


In addition to The Parchments are a series of illuminations of illustrated calendars penned in great detail by the fingers of an insect..

Chronicles of Codex Exos Animus:

Volumes proto i-25 2003-2016

Proto i: Outline of The Outline of History by H.G. Wells
Proto ii: The Genealogical Study of the Lozano Side
Proto iii: The Introduction to The Love Cell Government
Volume 1: Ancient Alluvial Architecture: An Introduction to Chonchlean Architecture.
Volume 2: Tongues and Interpretations
Volume 3: The Love Cell Begins
Volume 4: The Love Cell Vs. The Roman Empire
Volume 5: Returning to the Anchors of the Distant Past
Volume 6: Intellectual Goldmines
Volume 7: Wheels Within Wheels
Volume 8: Structural Bio Mechanics
Volume 9: Culture Blooms: The Secrets of Sheathed Beauty
Volume 9b: The Bujinkan: Freedom of Movement
Volume 10: The Day of the Submarine
Volume 11: Physics of Inverted Cones
Volume 12: Narrow Windows: The Domain of The Dark Rabbit
Volume 13: The Commentary of Volume 1/The Rise of the Dark Circus
Volume 14: Genealogical Study of the West Side
Volume 15: The Adjustment Bureau: Shift To the Americas
Volume 16: The Chemistry of The Mind: Introduction Into Bombardment Theory
Volume 17: The Decompression Chamber: The Destruction of Leviathan
Volume 17b: Vital Touch: Into Medical Study
Volume 18: Sleepercell: The Season of The Black Hurricane
Volume 19: Precursor Elements: The Investigation of Predicting Future Events
Volume 20: Shadow Arrows: The Enemies of Future Progress
Volume 21: Shadowside: The Bombs of Silence
Volume 22: Bubblespeak: Counterweights and Countermeasures
Volume 23: The Broken Trident
Volume 24: Sleepercell: Crosscurrents and Undercurrents
Volume 25: The Gateway of the Gypsy Moth: The Introduction of Dimitri Spanoa (In progress)
Volume 26: Column IV: Bugs in the Chambers of Babylon: (coming soon)
Volume 27: Sleepercell: Rose in the Rose Window (coming soon)


From 2006-2015 an interval of creativity created for Cardinal Points.
From 2016 onwards begins the era of Sleepercell..

-the moth has spoken..
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Underwater Canyons
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